Q & A

Questions and Answers:

Q) How can I retrieve my tracking number?

A) Just Sign In and choose my account tab.


Q) Does my knife have warranty?

A) Yes it does, just click on Warranty Tab


Q) Why is my blade and trigger loose and doesn't work?

A) It's on Safety Mode carefully pull blade outwards till it clicks, now your knife is back on track. Be sure to view How to Video?


Q) What are your store hours?

A) Monday thru Thursday 10am to 4pm


Q. How long does shipping take?

A. U.S.P.S. generally takes 3-4 working days.


Q) How long does it take to process my order?

A) Usually it takes 24-48hrs  during normal store hours.


Q) How do I return my knife for repair or replacement parts?

A) Click on warranty tab and fill out request form.


Q) Are OTF knives legal where I live?

A) Click on OTF Laws tab to view all states referred by the American Knife and Tool Institute.