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The Most Rock Solid OTF Knife on the Planet. Quality. Variety. Reliable. Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping. Get yours today. 

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 Tactical commodities have always been the genre for this business and one of our popular brands has emerged, STRIKEFORCE OTF Tactical knives. Depending on the customers preference we have a variety selection of styles and special coatings for the handles and accessories: Powder Coat, Cerakote, CandyKote, Hydro-dip. On our website you can customize your knife the way you want it, we build it and ship it to you without the cost of Shipping and Handling!  What makes Infinity OTF impressive are their rugged non-corrosive Stainless Steel Mechanism, Super Fast Action, Compact Every Day Carry, Easy and Smooth Function, High Quality Appearance and Lifetime Warranty.

As our motto says “Infinity knife=Infinity for life”.

We thank Infinity Tactical for their generosity. We use them on and off the field.  Very Reliable Performance.  You guys really are the Best Tactical OTF Knives Period!

Active Duty Military Operators

 "Strikeforce 2017 is the Real Operators Tool"

About Us

Infinity Tactical is based on a simple idea that has become the cornerstone of our business: To provide firearms enthusiasts, Knife enthusiast, professional shooters, and servicemen and women; the highest quality Tactical OTF "Out the front" knifes at affordable prices, best customer service you can find in the industry, knowledgeable staff ready to acquire questions, and great value for our customers. Every day we strive to find new ways to improve our product selection and assist everyone to finding the right commodity and accessories for their needs.


We have some remodeling occurring these two weeks, the store is closed but online orders will be processed and shipped every single day. We will see y'all back in Spring!

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